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Strengthen wholesale and retail using new technologies

The retail industry has been experiencing a series of new challenges since the advent of online commerce. Many customers like to be advised by an expert, they make the purchase decision directly. However, the final purchase often takes place online – at a cheaper price because of lack of advice and sales space. However, the benefit of consulting and meeting customer needs cannot be taken over by online commerce, as the purchase does not take place through interpersonal relationships. Thus, essential emotional criteria of the purchase simply disappear. In order to be able to fulfill the customer’s wishes even when the range is limited, new technologies are helping. With the help of modern apps on mobile devices, the consultant will be shown new ways of customer care in retail.

A modern customer meeting in the retail trade could already begin in an appointment agreement in that the seller already knows which goods from the assortment are to be presented to the customer. He assembles various product groups, has a more precise impression of the wishes of the consumer during the appointment and supplements the offer with further individual elements that fulfill the customer’s requirements. If the customer wants to know what other product variations there are, the seller can show other products based on the orderable range in the digital product catalog of all its partner manufacturers. On request, the seller can also order the alternative offers equal. He can see the manufacturer’s stock and determine the delivery address and delivery dates. The consumer has a positive buying experience, expert advice, an optimal time / value ratio and comes out of business with a good, emotional experience. All the senses of the end customer were addressed in a positive way, so that the buying experience with emotional components has been memorized. This makes a customer a satisfied customer who likes to come back.

Special Features:

  • Large product catalog
  • Heterogeneous customer base
  • E-Commerce
  • PIM systems (product information system)
  • marketing campaigns
  • Campaigns (at wholesale also by brand manufacturers)
  • Discounts
  • Large sales volumes
  • Emotional, appealing product presentation
  • Cross & Upsell possibilities
  • Offline capability
  • Availability and stock levels
  • barcode scanner
  • Different packaging units
  • Sales history

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