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The sales app for a better customer satisfaction

Above all, this sector is characterized by extensive product catalogs (up to 100,000 products), which also contain extensive information material for each product. The reference customer Würth Phoenix has equipped all sales representatives and field staff with the polumana® sales App. They visit the customers (such as hardware stores) at regular intervals, inspect the shelves with their goods, document the presentation of the goods via the visit report and conclude the reordering. Everything with a single app. This manufacturer provides its employees worldwide with the most up-to-date data. To remain scalable, the latest data (new products in the catalog or new promotions) is delivered to the cloud and the app synchronizes an update in the background at regular intervals. The functionality is not affected by the updates and offline operation.

Special Features:

  • Medial exciting product presentations videos, photos
  • Efficient order processes at trade fairs and at the customer
  • Fast contact data acquisition via integrated camera in the mobile device
  • Intelligent search function of articles sorted in product groups
  • Cross and upselling
  • Offline capability
  • High performance

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