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The advantages of the sales or service app in pharmacy and medical technology

Comprehensive product catalogs and the associated information materials are also of central importance in this industry. Due to internationally different standards, the respective certifications for each product are always at hand, which can also be handed out to the customer at the product presentation (for example in the app or via e-mail). For the pharmacy, the support with the polumana® sales App is especially beneficial when discussing the introduction of new products. In some cases, further training courses for physicians can be offered at the same time (the current ones are visible in the editorial area), which can possibly be booked immediately during the conversation.

In medical technology, especially the accompanying materials for the respective product are readily available (certifications according to country specification). Furthermore, video sequences are for use of products (e.g., surgical instruments) that emphasize the advantage of conventional instruments.

Special Features:

  • Medially exciting product presentations with videos, photos
  • Clearly sorted accompanying material per product and product groups (certifications, TÜV …)
  • Current promotions
  • Efficient order processes at trade fairs or in the field
  • Fast contact data acquisition via integrated camera in the mobile device
  • Intelligent search function of articles sorted in product groups
  • Cross and upselling
  • safety instructions
  • administration details
  • discounts
  • Prices and delivery conditions
  • checklists
  • Composition of pharmaceutical articles
  • Material descriptions (alloys, fiber composites etc.)

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