Mobile tour planning

blue-zone GmbH mobile Tourenplanung
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Lift your field force teams to a new level of efficiency with polumana® tour planner

If you want to be in the right place at the right time, you have to plan your customer appointments profitably. In doing so, it is not only a matter of considering one’s own advantages, but also of focusing on the needs of the customers.

Using the polumana® tour planner in the sales app for field service or in the service app for technical service ensures that your out-of-office employees can be deployed in a more reasonable way when visiting customers. Our app solution for successful customer visits also supports you in ensuring automated customer care for different visit criteria.

Relevant visit criteria include:

    • Visit frequency (e.g. quarterly, monthly, …)
    • Accessibility of respective contact person (opening hours)
    • Meeting location
    • Due date of appointments
    • Changes in turnover

From these specifications, the polumana® sales app or service app calculates an efficient tour for you. The appointments of the calculated tour will be displayed in your calendar accordingly.

A tour planner that is also flexible

If the tour requires an adjustment, it can be readjusted manually. The navigation can be started on the used device and thus automatically takes traffic jams and detours into account for time planning. For example, iOS users can mirror their device via Apple Carplay in order to use the navigation in the car.

If the trip planner is called up via tablet, the route can be flexibly adjusted and optimized. Alternatively, you can also use your smartphone to ensure that you always have the calculated route in view or to display the next customer visit.

If a planned appointment is cancelled at short notice, you can easily schedule a new appointment with nearby customers who meet certain criteria.

What other flexibility does the route planner offer? Your employees would like to have their routes planned by day / week or even month? This is also very easy for the polumana® route planner. This way, your field service or field force team will always have an overview of upcoming tasks. In case of trips lasting several days, the entire tour can be displayed graphically on a map with the respective daily stages.

For planning tours, due dates of customer visits are also important. This is calculated from the visit cycle and the last visit, if necessary paired with further parameters such as sales decline.

This eliminates the need for manual and often tedious planning. Your employees thus arrive relaxed, on time and well prepared for their customer meetings and can advise them professionally.

How does the trip planner help sales and service staff?

Functions Sales Service
Integration of data from CRM (including leads, sales opportunities, customers)
Integration of fault messages and maintenance appointments
Manual adjustment of the tour by adding / moving appointments
Automatic / manual prioritization of appointments
Display and consideration of hotels as accommodation option along the calculated route
Optimization of the calculated route on Touch
Availability of the route also in offline mode
Creation of routes on a daily/weekly/ or monthly basis
Tours optionally as round trip
Tours optionally as a rally
Weekly tour with reservation of weekdays for customer visits (customer visits only e.g. Mon-Wed from ADM's point of view)

Further functionalities of the polumana® tour planner

    • Option to deposit hotels near customer appointments
    • Definition of opening hours of the customers
    • Route calculation as a round trip or rally
    • Manual adjustment of tours suggested in advance
    • Manual adjustment at due dates of appointments (e.g. at due dates >80%)
    • Input of fixed dates (i.e. consideration of vacations, further education, time blocks to be blocked, etc.) in order to exclude these times during automated planning
    • 100% offline capability – after calculation of tours, the data continues to exist in full in offline mode
    • Integration of prospect contacts (e.g. trade fairs or campaigns) into the tour and route planning process
    • And much more…