Marketing App

The cloud-based and offline-enabled polumana® app is usefully complemented by the use of our marketing modules. This automates and accelerates marketing processes. Field sales staff and marketing personnel can already present relevant product and promotional information in a medially exciting manner when acquiring new customers and present their entire product portfolio to interested parties. The mobile marketing solution allows a cross-channel campaign control to bring actions and offers directly to the customer. This ensures that only current campaign information, discount promotions or promotions are transported.  At trade fairs or on order days, your employees can quickly and conveniently capture leads, scan them for duplicates, send informational materials, and initiate orders directly.  All this in just one app, offline and based on existing CRM, ERP and PIM data (Product Information Management). Thus, marketing processes become even more efficient when acquiring new customers, since the processes are shortened. In addition, an exorbitant time savings as well as a higher customer satisfaction are achieved, costs are saved and higher sales are achieved.

100% Offline Capability

The use of apps on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and notebooks) often requires a continuous connection to the data network. However, this is not always possible. Often network coverage is limited or not available within exhibition halls, shopping malls, buildings with thermal insulation glazing and in rural areas. For the business use of the Tablets and Smartphones the solution is offline-enabled sales apps, which develop their entire efficiency even without network coverage. Browse through the product catalog, place orders, present presentations and videos are child’s play thanks to the Sales App – even offline.