IoT – Internet of things

bluezone Internet of Things
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Use your data for new business potentials

The increasingly connected world, the capture of all sorts of data, and the identification of physical objects open up a new world of possibilities to facilitate everyday business and personal life. The vision of the Internet of Things states that objects and states are captured, their data is analyzed, and then an action can be taken. Already today, there are successful pilot projects in the B2B sector in which actions are triggered by the networking of devices on the Internet even before a breakdown (for example, production stoppage) is caused.

In order to realize this vision, three elementary components are of particular importance:

  1. Capture and transfer large volumes of data from multiple sources – Big Data & Cloud
  2. Analyze, correlate and interpret this data in real time
  3. To trigger logical actions that arrive in analogue life – interpretation

blue-zone GmbH is a company that has always been putting theoretical trends into practice since its founding. Thus, the know-how for collecting and interpreting large amounts of data is part of the corporate DNA, which visualizes and digitizes sales and service processes.

The next evolutionary stage in the digitization of processes is the way into the Internet of Things.

Again, data is collected from different sources. Barcode readers, cameras, sensors, etc. are used to capture different data simultaneously. As this acquisition takes place continuously, a large amount of data is generated within a very short time.

What happens to the data now?

The ability of people to interpret data is inimitable, as they can respond flexibly to changing situations. Decisions of the individual are only as good as his wealth of experience allows. Apart from that, the receptiveness is limited to a certain extent. The amount of tasks can be divided only limited to several individuals and it still lacks the image of the big picture.

This is where the computer technology helps, which today can collect data almost indefinitely via the cloud. With an embedded intelligence (software solutions), this data is monitored and triggered via logical parameter actions. For example, in a manufacturing facility, it could be an email to a supervisor signaling an impending failure in a particular area of ​​the production line. At the same time spare parts procurement and resource planning of a service technician can take place. This way, early maintenance can be initiated. This avoids a sudden production downtime and schedules maintenance at a convenient time – so production has no or a reduced delay, expensive because urgent repairs are avoided and the time of troubleshooting is spared (even more, the cause of the fault is eliminated, which does not necessarily have to be directly related to the disturbance.)

There are countless examples of how IoT can be used, and this usage is both conceivable in the consumer area and in business use. Blue-zone GmbH offers its many years of experience to enable the existing processes to make the transition to modern digitalization. There are 3 different packages available for you to make it easy to get started for your needs.

IoT consulting packages

IoT cosulting package Basic

  1. Workshop digital transformation
  2. Capture of IoT-enabled processes
  3. Set up an Azure Cloud demo with specific examples

IoT Beratungspaket Premium

  1. Workshop digital transformation
  2. Capture of IoT-enabled processes
  3. Architechture design
  4. Data design
  5. Set up an Azure Cloud demo with specific examples
  6. Conception of the next steps​

IoT Implementation Step

  1. Customized feasibility study (proof of concepts)​
  2. Development of the cloud solution (cloud development)​
  3. Edge computer / IoT Core development
  4. UWP development
  5. Development of test cycles, documentation and personnel training​
  6. Product introduction, maintenance and service​

IoT Datasheet