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Insurances supplement the digitized processes up to your service providers

Digitization does not stop at the insurance industry. Although many processes have already been digitized, this industry still lacks an outstanding part for the complete elimination of media breaks. This part is the documentation and integration of the expert reports in case of damage in the customer file – and that at the location of the event.

We have closed this gap for the insurance companies. Many of them already offer to document the damage reports via portals. This ensures the transition to paperless processes. But what if the object is located in an environment that has no network coverage? For example, a damaged car in the underground car park, rural surroundings in buildings, industrial facility or in production halls.

We support you with our polumana® Service App.

Damage reports and expert reports can be recorded decentralized via mobile devices using the offline capable polumana® app and transmitted paper-free to the responsible departments. With the polumana® app, you can process all relevant data in one easy-to-use app.

Damage reports received can be sent by the in-house staff, the dispatcher, to the available experts through the click on a button via the polumana® dispatch app. Here, the app can occupy free appointments, schedule travel times to the object location or even appointments of the owner or of the damage detector.

The appraisers use the offline capable polumana® Service app to prepare their appraisals for the respective object. An integrated form, supplemented with the function of free text and image/video documentation, offers the possibility of describing claims flexible and comprehensively.

The checklists support the expert in the complete entry of all relevant information via the mobile app. In addition, the expert can make recommendations for remedying the damage, which the insurance company can commission – also via the app – to service providers of trust.

With the polumana® dispatch app, insurance companies can complete the last few meters of digitalization – from anywhere, at any time with any mobile device. Get to know our polumana® dispatch and polumana® service solution.

Get to know our app solutions using the example of your company and make an appointment with our experts.

Special features polumana® service App for insurances:

  • Property situation and damage report
  • Order entry for reviewers with a day trip
  • Order recording of the damage report of the experts via polumana® service app
  • Damage reports in text, image, video and checklist format incl. Entry of meter readings or readings. Running capacity
  • Technical master data
  • Location of installation
  • Precautions
  • Geodata
  • Offline capability
  • Object history
  • Measures
  • Customer approval (if applicable. with signature)

Special features polumana® dispatch App for insurances:

  • Order-issuing of the insurance to experts
  • Order placement to repair service providers (e. g. craftsmen, car repair shops, restorers)
  • Precautions
  • Manual optimization of the order or travel time