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Cloud-based Sales-App for the field

The Sales-App is an app-solution for automating and accelerating your sales processes. Your sales reps are able to access all relevant customer, product and promotion information so they can provide reliable and timely confirmation during customer meetings, on any established device, online and offline.

Cloud-based Service-App for the technical field service

The Service-App mobilizes your service team and increases customer satisfaction in all service requirements. All technical objects with related service orders—including detailed information for service points—are made available to the appropriate service technician on mobile devices. Anywhere, any time.

How Sales-App mobilizes your company data

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Mobile, universal sales support tool for industry and retail
An example how sales performance is increasing using the Sales-App.

Im Interview

Peter Wagner, Head of Customer Service, DR. SCHNELL Chemie GmbH

'The essential components of our company's philosophie, "Quality and Service" and "Wir leben Hygiene" experienced an optimal and innovative improvement. The quality of our performance, our outside effect to customers and last but no least environmental concerns are enormously increased through the Service-App. With blue-zone AG as a professional partner and its very extensive and in-depth experience with the offline capability of Microsoft's Azure Cloud we found the perfect compliment and were able to smoothly realize this for us very important and highly sensitive project on time. The first experiences in practice were marked by an not yet known high positive feedback.'

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With the development of an universal app solution, blue-zone AG allows the seamless integration of tablets and smartphones in CRM, ERP and PIM systems. If you have an extensive catalog of products, constantly launch new, temporary campaigns, if your sales or service team needs to have its data up to date here, then our solution is the right one for you. We incorporated all of our experiences for a successful sales and service control, so that your employees can access and edit their data with any mobile device. Media disruptions, delayed orders, missed marketing campaigns, inadequate delivery data now belong to the past.

We already have specific add-ins implemented for the following industries:

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Mobile, universal sales support tool for the fashion, sport and lifestyle industry
An example how sales performance is increasing using the fashion app.

100% Offline Capability

The use of apps on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and notebooks) often requires a continuous connection to the data network. However, this is not always possible. Often network coverage is limited or not available within exhibition halls, shopping malls, buildings with thermal insulation glazing and in rural areas. For the business use of the Tablets and Smartphones the solution is offline-enabled sales apps, which develop their entire efficiency even without network coverage. Browse through the product catalog, place orders, present presentations and videos are child’s play thanks to the Sales App – even offline.