Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages (partly also Wholesale)

This industry is increasingly developing into digitization. In order to provide timely replenishment, it is not enough to order or deliver automatically at regular intervals, but you also have to talk to the store manager about the sales experience of certain products. Therefore, this industry complements the B2B e-commerce platforms with the mobile app solution, which is above all convenient and faster in the operation of the ordering process. The special feature in the food and beverage industry is also the packaging units of the goods for retail, which differ significantly from the units of consumers.

A supermarket does not order 100g packs in 100x, but in layers, packages, or 5kg packs. This distinction can be made by the polumana® sales app. In conversation with the store manager, old orders can be called up and new items added. Delivery times and discounts are already visible in the order via the customer information. If required, the order is released with a customer signature.

Special Features:

  • Fast contact data collection
  • Intelligent search function of articles sorted into product groups
  • Cross- und Upselling
  • Customer-specific order rates
  • Sales history per item
  • Availability / inventory check
  • different packaging units / quantity units
  • Variable delivery routes per customer
  • Item with required pre-order
  • LMIV-Daten