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The sales app for sales teams to convince purchaser

There are 2 use cases in this industry which are of particular importance:

  1. Fairs and fashion shows to present the latest collection On trade show days, fashion / lifestyle / sporting goods manufacturers will present retailers and boutique retailers with samples of the new collection. It comes on site to order. After the most important trade fairs have been completed and the latest collection has been presented, the orders are first transmitted to the production sites. The goods will be delivered in good time before the start of the season. Some manufacturers have a very well-documented process chain, so that they can already provide information on delivery margins when ordering.
  2. The fashion / lifestyle / sporting goods manufacturers not only limit themselves to selling their products at trade fairs, but also visit their customers on a regular basis. Presentations to managers and sales staff provide information about the popularity of the products. In addition, the field staff can document the exhibition of the goods in the sales rooms in image / video and in writing, so that potential for improvement can be identified and used. Additional goods of the current season can be ordered during the meeting. For some companies, the collections can also be renewed in shorter time periods with the polumana® sales app. At the request of the manufacturer, the store managers get the app made available. This keeps them up-to-date on sales promotions and new products.

The fashion / lifestyle / sports industry needs direct and regular contact with the customer. Due to the extensive product selection and the short update cycles, support via the sales staff is of particular importance in order to put the latest goods in the focus of retail (here store managers and personnel) and consumers, so that the assortment is constantly updated.

Special Features:

  • Medially exciting product presentations with lookbooks, videos, photos
  • Efficient order processes at trade fairs and fashion shows and customer visits
  • Fast contact data acquisition via integrated camera in the mobile device
  • Intelligent search function of articles sorted in color worlds or in product groups
  • Cross- and upselling function offers more sales opportunities

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