…for dispatchers - Precise resource planning for maintenance orders with high-efficiency coordination of repair and service teams.

More profitable deployment of mobile maintenance and repair teams
dispatch gives personnel dispatchers everything they need at a glance to organize their field service teams as cost-effectively as possible. Optimized for smartphones, tablets and convertibles (iOS, Windows, Android), the module provides field service managers with a detailed overview of the available technicians and incoming maintenance orders. The back office team can then merge the two lists effortlessly at any time to assign orders on a customer-centric and goal-oriented basis.

Always find the best workers for the job
The Technician window in dispatch sets the stage for economical fulfillment of customer orders. In addition, the back office can record and filter existing HR capacity based on expertise or regional criteria, such as qualifications, availability and area of deployment. Precision scheduling makes it possible to more effectively harness the team’s full working capacity, reduces driving times, leads to quicker reactions to repair requests and allows for routine maintenance steps to be performed in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Always do the best job
The counterpart to the Technician window is the Job window, with various levels of granularity available. It gives the back office a clear picture of all of the service, quality and appointment specifications, promoting effective scheduling. Competency profiles for the field service staff and work specifications can be more precisely matched, ensuring that the best suited technician is assigned the order and increasing the chances for top customer satisfaction. dispatch offers a separate overview for scheduling to keep that process extra simple.

The whole picture: appointments, resources and schedules
When working in the joint dispatcher window, personnel resources and pending orders can be activated directly using touch gestures (drag&drop). The look and feel of a scheduling board is recreated, including a layered depiction of field service availability. Time windows are assigned to them, allowing for orders (“Jobs”) to be allocated to individual technicians or teams. dispatch also offers specialized optimization functions to increase work productivity and determine whether the deployments can be optimized for greater geographic efficiency. This is handled using a split view function that break down employees and their assigned jobs into a regionbased geographic overview.

Thanks to the seamless connection to care, dispatch can be expanded to include comprehensive management of the field service force, including performance reviews. At the same time, the integration of trade also boosts sales and revenue potential by the field sales force.