Digital product catalog

blue-zone AG - Digitaler Produktkatalog
Image source: Photo by tatonomusic on Unsplash

Presenting the latest products to your customers in an exciting media way

In order to win new customers, it is not enough to inform them about your own product portfolio. Rather, it’s about fulfilling the needs of your own customers and prospects. To ensure that your team succeeds better than your competitors, it helps to know as much as possible about your own customers. In addition, it is important to design the product presentation in a multimedia format. This allows you to reach the different contacts with their preferred information media (visual, acoustic, emotional, etc.).

How can you ensure that you carry the right information medium with you for every contact person? The best way for you to do this is with the polumana® sales app and its powerful digital product catalog, which lists the entire range of information material for each item. This means that product descriptions, images, brochures, customer references, teaching material and much more can be called up clearly and sorted for each product in a single app.

The more extensive your product selection is, the more added value the polumana® app can offer you and your sales force (our customers have catalogs ranging from a few 100 items to several 100,000 items). With the product catalog in combination with the customer data and the order functionality, you already have the basic equipment for the most important sales tasks. The same applies to the product catalog: it is continuously ready for use – whether online or offline. Your consultants no longer have to worry about whether they are connected. Product presentations and consultations can take place at any time, even with unstable network coverage.

A product catalog with high flexibility

For the best product presentation, your products in the app can be organized in groups or other categories as they best fit the consultation with your customer. For each product, you always have the appropriate advertising or information material, recommendations in picture/video/PDF available and you can forward these directly to your customer via the polumana® app. All product data required for customer meetings is available to your field service and field force teams at any time via the app and smart devices.

If network coverage is insufficient or completely overloaded, as it is often the case e.g. at trade fairs or in modern buildings with solar panels on the roof, this does not pose a challenge for your customer conversation. Our polumana® app unfolds its performance spectrum without restriction even then. For your employees, the difference in the application is not noticeable. The synchronization of the updated data takes place in the background – even when the app is not in use.

What are the advantages of using the Digital Product Catalog:

  • Clear presentation even with a very large number of products
  • 100% offline capability
  • Intelligent filter functions
  • Easier sorting and grouping of similar products
  • Extensive article detail views, status displays, supplemented by price and inventory information
  • Related information material easily accessible, integrated with each product
  • Favorite search and management
  • Information material in different formats possible (image, video, PDF, Office, …)
  • Direct link to the order function
  • Display of order history for items already ordered by the customer
  • View of accessories and similar items
  • Supports cross- and upselling
  • For tablets and smartphones
  • and much more.