Profitable maintenance service with Field Service Management (FSM) and field sales force integration using high-efficiency work processes.

Profitable maintenance service with mobile field sales force management
More service for satisfied customers, higher service efficiency for high-margin maintenance orders: the care module for iPhone, iPad and Windows tablets gives you control over on-site deployments of your field service team and helps speed up work processes. The functionality of care covers the entire service job cycle, from your receipt of the query to invoicing and electronic signature capture.

Field Service Management: building a bridge between back office and field service staff​
Field service, dispatchers and warehouse logistics are all seamlessly networked in care, allowing you to review SLA approvals and adhere to the exact terms. The quality management function lets the back office staff assign incoming jobs based on expertise and availability of field service technicians. The direct exchange with specialists on-site ensures that the jobs are assigned realistically, to be completed on time and with efficient route selection.

More coordination and control of distributed work processes
With care you and your field serve team will be working hand in hand: the comprehensive reporting function forms the basis for an exact documentation of the services performed and quick-reacting quality management in the event the job could not be completed. At the same time, the “Calculate work expenses” function provides full cost transparency for the maintenance provider and its customer.

Faster delivery, better sales
On-site service technicians can use care for direct access to material lists updated as often as possible using the web from the Cloud or the company’s own server. All features on care continue functioning even when no Internet connection is available. Based on current inventory information, the field service team can make binding commitments on order processing and offer suitable spare parts in a pro-active manner, boosting sales. The technician can initiate customer orders directly on site, thus accelerating the entire service process. care is available in 13 languages, perfect for export-oriented companies with an international field services team.