Happy summer time!

source: blue-zone GmbH End the day by the campfire? Jumping into the waves at the beach? Following the path to the summit in the mountains? Diving into the underwater world with a scuba tank? Discovering small villages off the highway? Enjoying a good wine with the neighbors? Whatever relaxation means to you: We wish you Weiterlesen >>

employer branding

To be successful as a software company, it requires an interplay of many factors. These include – in addition to the development of high-quality products for which the market has a need – the communication of what benefits the market derives from the use of the products. A main component of marketing is the continuous Weiterlesen >>

Structured and also personalized visit reports

source: blue-zone GmbH Visit reports only develop their value when they can be read and evaluated fluently. Do your visit reports contain all the information you require for decision-making? Often an important detail is missing, which makes it necessary to change the structure. Therefore, there is now a way to design visit reports yourself via Weiterlesen >>

Promotion of young talents at blue-zone GmbH

source: Pixabay Like many other companies we also notice the lack of skilled workers in the IT sector. Therefore we have made it our business to make students fit for their professional future. Due to our intensive cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, we are often able to offer tailor-made support. The teaching Weiterlesen >>

Hybrid Selling in B2B – but how?

source: Pixabay Author: Emanuele Parlato B2B sales is changing. All experts agree that future sales will be digital, automated and intelligent. But many decision-makers are now asking themselves how they can successfully manage the transformation to modern B2B sales. These transition scenarios between the actual and target state are generally referred to as “hybrid”. More Weiterlesen >>

NEW: Barcode scanner for polumana® App

source: blue-zone GmbH If you are one of those companies that have extensive product catalogs or need to regularly check their inventory, we offer you a facilitation to quickly capture products. Our polumana® sales app helps you capture your data via barcode scans in seconds and update data in your systems. Regardless of whether it’s Weiterlesen >>

Hybrid selling tools for B2B sales: which investment is worthwhile?

source: blue-zone GmbH Following HomeOffice and Work-Life Balance, new trends are now entering the conversation that could bring digital sales channels into a new era. Hybrid selling is on everyone’s radar, but various technological developments contribute to diverse and distorted definitions. It quickly becomes clear, it’s about much more than shifting sales conversations via video Weiterlesen >>

New tools for the modern service technician

source: blue-zone GmbH Thanks to technical possibilities, the work of a service technician has changed significantly. Today, orders on demand have become precisely plannable assignments. This means that employees can be sent with the appropriate know-how. In addition, it is up to you in which time window (e.g. Mondays 09-12 am) the service technician should Weiterlesen >>

What’s next regarding the polumana® app?

source: All for One Group Der Jahresausklang hat für einen ordentlichen Trommelwirbel gesorgt und viel Licht auf die Zukunft der All For One Group und der blue-zone AG geworfen. Mit dieser Veränderung sind u.a. folgende Fragen entstanden: Wird die blue-zone AG weiterhin mit ihren Partnern und Kunden zusammenarbeiten? Bleiben die Zielmärkte, die für polumana® in Weiterlesen >>

Coming closer to a significant stage

source: blue-zone AG It all started with an idea of two entrepreneurs who were 100% convinced of the new technologies cloud computing and smart devices. These two founders thought in detail about how to bring field mobility into the modern age. The idea turned into a finished product for a real customer for whom B2B Weiterlesen >>

Press Release 02.12.21

All for One Group acquires cloud specialist blue-zone to expand customer experience expertise and own product business All for One Group acquires blue-zone, Germany’s leading provider for offline field service mobilization Sales and service apps for cloud & mobile computing expand the group’s customer experience offering Know-how in cloud-based product development to strengthen All for Weiterlesen >>

Do you feel the same way?

source: blue-zone AG As a service technician, you are sometimes in unusual places to service equipment or troubleshoot problems. Do you know the situation where you are looking for information but can’t access it because you don’t have a network? Maybe you will find an answer to your demanding daily routine as a service technician Weiterlesen >>

What customers really want, and how we respond!

Photo by Fede Casanova on Unsplash Author: Dr. Richard Mayr I would like to begin by once again listing the three essential points that are important to customers when it comes to a future-oriented customer/supplier relationship with their product manufacturer in IT. A corresponding Gartner study was dedicated to this topic and analyzed the following Weiterlesen >>

What customers really want!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash Author: Dr. Richard Mayr If we want to understand what customers expect from product manufacturers in IT in the future, it is of course crucial and revealing to ask the customers in the first place. This was done in great detail in a Gartner study that deals exclusively with Weiterlesen >>

Quo vadis Microsoft?

source: Microsoft Microsoft Inspire, the annual global partner conference, was once again characterized by many presentations and virtual partner meetings. Divided into four main themes that focus on the primary needs of businesses, the theme ran through all areas: Microsoft Cloud for digital transformation across all industries New world of digital work Innovation from cloud Weiterlesen >>

The polumana® app // available in 18 languages!

source: Pixabay International business is part of daily business for many companies. In the process, their services and products are placed and sold to companies operating worldwide. Intelligent tools that are available in the desired national languages play a special role in successful customer discussions. Our polumana® sales/service app enables an intuitive and user-friendly presentation Weiterlesen >>

How secure is company data on mobile devices?

source: Pixabay A general observation of user behaviour with mobile devices shows that private and business use are increasingly merging. Almost none employee want to use two mobile devices in order to fundamentally separate business and private use. Tablets first conquered the private market about 10 years ago, before their advantages also became established in Weiterlesen >>

Cloud services: Is my data safe in the cloud?

source: picture by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay Today we would like to explore the question of whether one’s own business data that is outsourced to a cloud is secure. Medium-sized companies in particular attach great importance to autonomous action. This is also reflected in their own IT infrastructure. For example, many companies still maintain their Weiterlesen >>

Another customer reference based on our practical project with FH Kufstein

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTEXs4cdPXI&t=14s A few weeks ago we demonstrated the results of our practical project with FH Kufstein. It involves the production of customer references in video format that are structured as online conferences. In these videos, our customers report on their experiences with our polumana® sales app. You can read details about our practical project in Weiterlesen >>

blue-zone AG supports FH Kufstein students in their practical projects

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sJAhCb_Ia8 As an innovative company using opportunities to leave well-trodden paths, we decided to assign a project to a group of students of the FH Kufstein.  In our considerations to create new customer references, which should inform about the project in a fast and targeted way, we realized that videos are the most efficient source Weiterlesen >>

Disposition management for field service technicians

source: Haustechnik Oberland GmbH Our specialist for digitalization in the trade, the KWP Informationssysteme GmbH, accompanies the company Haustechnik Oberland GmbH in the implementation of intelligent digital planning boards. In addition to various projects, such as “mobile assembler” or “EDV-Lager”, Haustechnik Oberland GmbH has integrated a disposition system together with KWP and us and with Weiterlesen >>

Special edition of the OVB

source: blue-zone AG On October 22nd, the Oberbayerische Volksblatt published a special issue to draw special attention to Rosenheim’s new industrial park “Am Oberfeld” and its resident companies. We took this opportunity to also direct the spotlights at us and published an article. In addition to positioning our offline-capable sales app and service app, we Weiterlesen >>

The dispatch app now even better

source: blue-zone AG – Screenshot dispatch-app According to the Duden dictionary, disposition means having the totality of all persons and means at one’s disposal that can be used for a certain task. A dispatcher is a commercial employee with special powers of attorney who manages a larger division of the company. Companies with larger technical Weiterlesen >>