Structured and also personalized visit reports

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Visit reports only develop their value when they can be read and evaluated fluently. Do your visit reports contain all the information you require for decision-making? Often an important detail is missing, which makes it necessary to change the structure. Therefore, there is now a way to design visit reports yourself via Microsoft Forms and integrate them into the app independently.

If visit reports are used to perform various tasks, then it is sometimes difficult to judge what information a visit report should contain in order to be complete.

A visit report performs multiple tasks:

  • Accounting for invoicing (e.g. for elimination of malfunction reports in technical service).

  • Discussion report in case of customer visit (e.g. sales talk)

  • Documentation of project status

  • Complaint management (complaint recording)

  • Recording of customer sentiment (customer surveys or also about products)

To ensure that the networking of information is successful and that all office and field staff can access the data that is useful to them, the visit report should be filled out completely. This can be implemented with the help of mandatory fields. Sometimes a conversation can take a turn that prevents asking specific questions. With the help of structured visit reports, you can ask all questions according to a checked list and quickly record the answer during the conversation. And if free text entry seems appropriate, information can also be captured via dictation.

You determine what information is captured via the visit report and can configure it to best suit your needs. The options are many.

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