Hybrid Selling in B2B – but how?

Blogbeitrag blue-zone Hybrid Selling
source: Pixabay

Author: Emanuele Parlato

B2B sales is changing. All experts agree that future sales will be digital, automated and intelligent.

But many decision-makers are now asking themselves how they can successfully manage the transformation to modern B2B sales. These transition scenarios between the actual and target state are generally referred to as “hybrid”. More specifically, “hybrid selling” involves two key dimensions of the sales process:

  1. Face-to-face vs. digital interactions: B2B customers increasingly rely on digital channels in the discovery and consideration phase and on face-to-face interactions in the purchase phase. The best hybrid buying experiences should therefore include both human and digital interactions.
  2. Remote vs. face-to-face customer appointments: If face-to-face interaction is desired as part of certain touchpoints, it should be possible both virtually and on-site. In this context, it is important to equip sales representatives with digital tools that enable the same customer experience regardless of location. Thus, the sales representative becomes an integral part of the multichannel strategy.

The decision on which parts of the sales process to “hybridize” and to what extent is highly individual. This depends on factors such as:

  • Advisory complexity of one’ s own product or solution portfolio,
  • Affinity of target group with digital channels,
  • Necessity of on-site presence of sales staff,
  • and many more.

After clarifying the question of the right hybrid setup, the selection of the best digital tools for one’s own company is crucial. If, for example, one’s own product portfolio can be easily or even better explained or sold online, the introduction or modernization of one’s own online store or increased presence on marketplaces may be the right step.

Dedicated sales apps like polumana®, on the other hand, are suitable for organizations that want to make sales teams fit for hybrid selling. The polumana® apps extend existing IT landscapes in a modular and flexible way, giving sales staff digital access to all the data and systems they need to succeed in hybrid sales scenarios.

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