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If you are one of those companies that have extensive product catalogs or need to regularly check their inventory, we offer you a facilitation to quickly capture products. Our polumana® sales app helps you capture your data via barcode scans in seconds and update data in your systems. Regardless of whether it’s an order entry or to document inbound and outbound from the warehouse in real time.

You can choose from the following options for adding items to the shopping cart. We offer different solutions for different applications:

  • Video scanner
  • Laser scanner
  • Laser scanner with quantity indication

With the video scanner you use the camera integrated in your mobile device to capture QR codes of the respective items. This method requires precise positioning of the camera on the QR code ( it may be a bit more time consuming to use). We recommend this method when there are only a few items to be scanned.

If you use a laser scanner as an attachment, you will capture many items in a short time, which will be immediately added to the shopping cart of the polumana® sales app. In addition, we offer you a “quantity button” so that you can immediately add each item to the shopping cart with the desired quantity – with just a few touches.

By the way, the barcode scan also works with the polumana® service app for field service. Any technician can use the scan function to order the spare or consumable parts as needed, if this additional option is required for your environment.

The advantages of a scanner are obvious:

  • Fast entry of items
  • Quick entry of quantities in the shopping cart
  • Use of the camera integrated in the mobile device
  • Connection of an external laser scanner
  • Integration into the polumana® sales app and service app
  • Direct update of data in the source systems
Learn all about the polumana® barcode scanner in our new video on the blue-zone GmbH YouTube channel.

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