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In our project management team, the most diverse tasks are put on the agenda. Just as exciting and diverse are the approaches to solutions. The main task is to accompany our customers during the entire project phase and beyond. Starting with conception, integration of the polumana® sales app for the field service or the service app for the field service, scheduling of the teams for programming the interfaces, up to support of the customers in the productive phase, our project managers ensure a smooth cooperation and best customer support.

Our colleague Ann-Christine is a talented natural at orchestrating and networking the right professionals for the upcoming questions and requests of our customers. This requires high communication skills – both for internal and external communication. Especially her profound knowledge in (business) informatics gives her the possibility to react competently to customer-side questions and requests.

So how does Ann-Christine know what our customers need in order to make the cooperation successful? Communication is the key. She has been demonstrating her communication skills since childhood through her quick grasp of new language skills. When she moved to Sweden for school, she already proved her language talent by being able to use Swedish fluently in everyday life within 6 months. But that was not all. At the same time she learned English and French as a second foreign language. It is difficult to define which is the first or the second foreign language. She mastered all three languages simultaneously, quickly and with flying colors.

She tries to find a balance through leisure activities, such as singing and playing the piano. Ann-Christine’s school and university career required her to move to foreign cities several times, which a cosmopolitan like her mastered with ease. But sometimes she had to resort to alternatives in order to cultivate her hobbies. So she lived out her musical talent with piano and singing lessons. And when indoor tasks take up too much space, extensive walks in nature with her Pomeranian remind her that nature is much more exciting than just sitting indoors. For these bring clarity to the mind and soul.

Through her musical and linguistic talent, Ann-Christine captures the wishes of our clients on a verbal and non-verbal level. She connects customer wishes with the technical possibilities of our polumana® products and the implementations by our colleagues from the development teams. She always knows when talk is silver and silence is gold. And for the radiation of inner peace… for that she always carries music in her heart.

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