Hybrid selling tools for B2B sales: which investment is worthwhile?

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source: blue-zone GmbH

Following HomeOffice and Work-Life Balance, new trends are now entering the conversation that could bring digital sales channels into a new era. Hybrid selling is on everyone’s radar, but various technological developments contribute to diverse and distorted definitions.

It quickly becomes clear, it’s about much more than shifting sales conversations via video conferencing services. Which tools help to make interaction both analog and virtual efficient as in presence? This question can be answered quickly by first taking a look at the company’s own processes, its existing systems, and the solutions on the market.

A number of IT tools on the market promise to help sales organizations make the leap to hybrid selling. At the same time, all of these tools have strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for specific use cases.

In our webinar, we will help you answer these questions and provide you with a vendor-independent decision matrix to guide you in evaluating the relevance of various IT tools for hybrid B2B selling and setting the right priorities.

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