New tools for the modern service technician

source: blue-zone GmbH

Thanks to technical possibilities, the work of a service technician has changed significantly. Today, orders on demand have become precisely plannable assignments. This means that employees can be sent with the appropriate know-how. In addition, it is up to you in which time window (e.g. Mondays 09-12 am) the service technician should visit you.

In order to be able to complete the service orders quickly and comprehensively, access to information regarding the customer and/or order is of particular importance. If the information is complete, the service can be completed successfully. Information about the history is even more important for the quick elimination of fault messages. Because thus in the same course the service can be accomplished prematurely, which would have been due shortly thereafter.

Today we would like to show a possible way how you can support your customers faster and more efficient. With the help of the polumana® service app, you can eliminate faults promptly and you can schedule service appointments efficiently. If your company belongs to the industries listed below, or if you are a service provider of these industries, it is worth getting to know our Field Force App in our video.

Our customers belong to the following industries:

  • Manufacturer of all kinds of household appliances
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Insurances
  • Plant engineering
  • Telecommunication service
  • Facility Management
  • Infrastructure Management etc.

Our polumana® Service App is more comprehensive than you can already see in the video:

For Service Technicians:
Explainer video polumana service app part 1 – YouTube

For IT experts:
Explainer video polumana(r) service app part 2 – YouTube

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