What’s next regarding the polumana® app?

source: All for One Group

The end of the year has created quite a drum roll and shed a lot of light on the future of the All For One Group and blue-zone AG.

With this change, the following questions, among others, have arisen:

  • Will blue-zone AG continue to work with its partners and customers?
  • Will the target markets that come into question for polumana® remain?
  • Can the polumana® sales app and service app continue to be integrated into heterogeneous (and not only SAP) IT landscapes?

We would like to answer these questions in detail in our blog post. One thing we would like to emphasize beforehand: The terms of our cooperation with all long-standing and new partners as well as customers remain as before.

Our inclusion by the All For One Group has strategic reasons. All For One is in the process of positioning itself robustly for the future development of the IT market. To this end, it has acquired four companies in the last year alone, which should complement its product portfolio. These include us with the successful mobile app solution based on the Microsoft Cloud for Field Force Teams. One of our most important strengths is flexible integration in heterogeneous IT landscapes. We don’t want to change that in the future either, because it ensures rapid implementation. We will continue to work with them as long-time and new partners and customers. Together with our partners, we offer the best package for our customers. This will not change in the future. To answer your question “Will blue-zone AG continue to work with its partners and customers?” – we answer with an unequivocal YES.

Our thoughts regarding the target markets we would like to address in the future will also remain the same – as we will continue to address B2B customers with field staff. This is common in the following industries, for example:

  • Tool manufacturers
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverages
  • B2B specialized trade
  • fashion, etc.

In doing so, we make our industry expertise available to our partners. You, as our partner, know best which of your customers are ready for the next step into digitization. The challenges and the goals remain the same as at the beginning of our cooperation. Accordingly, we can answer their question “Will the target markets that come into question for polumana® remain?” with YES. We will certainly include new target markets in the future.

We can also answer YES to the question of whether the polumana® sales app and service app can continue to be integrated into heterogeneous (and not just SAP-based) IT landscapes. Our strength was and is the flexibility in the integration of the mobile solutions. We are flexible in the transfer of data to the app solutions. It does not matter from which system the relevant data is obtained. There are already several standard interfaces for the polumana® apps, which can significantly shorten implementation times.

Our conclusion:

As a new member of the All For One Group, we continue to be there for you and support you with our many years of experience in the digitalization of sales and service processes. We will continue to maintain and expand our strength, the development of native software products. We will support you with advice and innovative products. We continue to look forward to a good cooperation with our companions.

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