Do you ever have all your products with you when visiting a customer?

blue-zone AG - Digitaler Produktkatalog
source: tatonomusic on Unsplash

Today we would like to draw your attention to our Digital Product Catalog. If your sales force wants to present the latest products to their customers on a regular basis, they can’t have all the products in the range with them. There are always compromises to be made. With our new digital product catalog, these times are over. The entire range of articles plus the appropriate advertising and information materials in any media version, are clearly with you. With our polumana® sales app, your product range is in your briefcase or app. Consultations with your customer become more efficient, pleasant and entertaining for both sides.

Our Digital Product Catalog…

  • …is 100% offline capable
  • …can clearly display articles, article groups and product information
  • …can lead directly to the order
  • … offers intelligent cross- and upselling suggestions
  • …offers much more

In our product overview you will find at a glance all the reasons why our digital product catalog in a sales app offers you more advantages for optimized sales processes in your everyday life. Follow this link:

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