Countdown to the start of Telekom Inspirations Weeks is on

Newsbeitrag blue-zone AG Telekom Inspirations Weeks
source: Telekom

On November 2, the @Deutsche Telekom Business #CSP2 Inspiration Days will start and we from @blue-zoneAG will be there!

Look forward to 18 sessions in 6 weeks in which experts share new thought-provoking ideas and practical experiences on many topics of our time, all free of charge.

We’re excited to announce that on 10/11/2021 from 9-10am, we’ll be hosting a webinar ourselves titled “How to Realize Modern Work for Non-Office Jobs?”. Cloud Solutions for Frontline Workers!” to contribute to Telekom CSP2 Inspiration Weeks.

Specifically, it’s about:

“There are excellent IT products and platforms on the market that enable location-independent digital collaboration. However, these are primarily designed to meet the very homogeneous needs of office workers. For the many other professions that cannot be performed in a home office, there are often few solutions. Using sales and technical service field workers* as examples, we’ll show you why the Azure cloud is the key to holistic, cost-effective and scalable “Modern Work” solutions.”

To register directly, see our talk at Week 2.

Interested? To download a calendar entry as a reminder or to attend directly, simply look for Session #5 on the program website: