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source: Photo by Andrei Lazarev on Unsplash

Who still knows it, the Eyjafjallajökull? Could you not fly either? A business disaster, we thought, but when we think of 2020, a trifle! And when was the eruption? Yes, it was 2010, the year we, founders of blue-zone AG, decided to exclusively use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This made us one of the Azure evangelists from the very beginning! Let’s remember the year 2010 again, how “evil” the cloud business was back then. Many a conversation back then ended with the words: “I won’t have cloud software like that in my house, far too insecure, all my data in the cloud – never …”. How times change!

And then we are often asked why we didn’t choose AWS? There were and are a few design principles we hold high such as scalability through PaaS, data privacy and security, integration with existing infrastructures such as AAD, O365 and geo-replication. Everyone can judge for themselves if our decision was the right one! AWS is mainstream and certainly the cloud platform with the largest market share, but Azure is more in line with our needs.

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