The polumana® app // available in 18 languages!

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International business is part of daily business for many companies. In the process, their services and products are placed and sold to companies operating worldwide. Intelligent tools that are available in the desired national languages play a special role in successful customer discussions.

Our polumana® sales/service app enables an intuitive and user-friendly presentation of customer-related processes worldwide. This means that customer data, order data, marketing materials, prices, stock levels and much more information is available to every sales representative offline on their mobile device at any time. The polumana® app adopts the language that you have preset as system language on your device. Content such as item descriptions and marketing information can also be automatically displayed in the selected customer’s language, regardless of the system language. This is particularly important in multilingual sales territories! Thus, the sales force has all important information for successful consulting or sales talks available at any time and the overall picture of the customer at a glance.

We provide our offline-capable sales or service solution worldwide in 18 languages. These include

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian

And many more. If you want to know if your language choice is included, just visit our web page for more information!

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