blue-zone AG supports FH Kufstein students in their practical projects

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As an innovative company using opportunities to leave well-trodden paths, we decided to assign a project to a group of students of the FH Kufstein. 

In our considerations to create new customer references, which should inform about the project in a fast and targeted way, we realized that videos are the most efficient source for recording information. But how should we produce videos with minimum effort for our customers? How could it be possible for us to make recordings if visiting customer is not possible for various reasons? 

For this purpose, we asked the Marketing and Communication Management course to work out a solution. The goal was to produce customer references in form of videos and to find a new format for it. 

Due to the very structured way of working and the promptly worked out milestone plan, we as a company had the possibility to brief the team for the project and to make decisions for the still open points. This kept the effort of blue-zone AG very low. Misunderstandings and changing conditions (e.g. social distancing) are part of it, just like in real business life. However, these could be overcome very quickly due to the standardized communication. 

In the end, customer reference videos were created that reflect the nature of an online meeting. The viewer’s empathy is simplified because the video represents today’s day-to-day work in several areas. Another plus point of this format is that the concept can be reproduced as often as desired – even after the end of the project with FH Kufstein.

We still have to address one small difficulty. Six months is not enough for a project based on cooperation with customers. After all, we can only produce if our customers are willing to make their time available for us. 

But this melancholy is quickly forgotten, since this format can also be realized outside of the project. 

Our experience has shown that practical projects are a good way to experiment in new directions. For students, on the other hand, these projects are a good opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired. Due to a good structuring, the collaboration still took place on a professional level. 

In the sample video you can see the final result of the project, including the answers to both questions above. We also welcome your feedback on it. 

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