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What is it that makes blue-zone AG so successful? Besides the goal-oriented leadership of the management board to address the right target markets at the right time, it is the employees who find a balance between teamwork and creative work.

Today we will tell you about our colleague from the Windows team. This example shows how valuable unusual biographies can be for our company.

Our colleague D.W. has led a cosmopolitan life from a young age. Raised bilingually in Danish and British, he has combined the cultures of Denmark and Great Britain. He also got to know the spirit of southern Europe in Portugal. For his studies he moved partly to London, partly to Austria and partly to Germany, where he then established his roots after graduation. Because he could live out his attachment to nature best in Germany, in the area of Rosenheim.

His study career also shows peculiarities. Initially, he was convinced that his logical thinking was best suited to a degree in industrial engineering. Halfway through his studies, he realized that he could turn several of his talents into a profession in software programming. Language is language, whether in linguistics or software programming.

There are several reasons why such talented employees feel comfortable in a medium-sized company. The main reason is that he or she can actively contribute to the most innovative products for the digitalization of sales and service processes.

Many different and creative personalities come together in our teams. They are all talents with different soft skills that are an enrichment and a source of inspiration. Also for colleagues from other departments.

You can also become part of our team and use your talents complementarily for achieving best results. Visit our job openings page and send us your CV today.

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