The polumana® sales app offers more than you currently need?

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Who has not experienced this? Companies in growth regularly reach limits in terms of their employees as well as their IT infrastructure. The consequences include costly investments in new IT projects. In most cases, new employees are needed at the same time as new, more powerful IT systems are required. And in most cases, a decision has to be made concerning how much more the system should be able to do even before it has been implemented. 

Our polumana® sales app for the field sales force is flexible and can be implemented to fit your needs exactly. The integration of new functions is possible at any time as the requirements in your sales team change. 

The polumana® sales app supports you in digitizing your sales processes so that all tasks of a sales representative can be completed promptly and during customer meetings via tablets. 

You decide which data should initially be made available to sales representatives via this mobile app solution. Customer information, order overviews and product catalogs are always up-to-date as well as with you. Every order or update is transferred back to the source systems in real time. The sales app is also ready for operation in offline mode, so that unstable network coverage cannot affect the quality of the consulting or sales conversation. 

If this sales app convinces you and you want to provide the team with additional information about your customers, such as their buying behavior, you can feed in additional source data via interface extensions. This enables their sales professionals’ sales calls to be more successful. With expandable cloud capacity, your team can always grow without experiencing limitations in their use of the polumana® sales app. 

If you have just reached the limits of growth, we can help you overcome those. 

Get to know us today, and learn how you can take the digitization of your sales processes to the next level with simple steps. 

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