The advantages of the modular structure of a sales app

Vorteile modularer Aufbau Vertriebs-App
source: Photo by Eugenia Pou on Unsplash

Maybe you already know it from your own experience: A software product seems to be exactly the right thing to relieve the processes in your company. Unfortunately, the product adds many other functions that do not seem relevant to you at the moment. If you take a look at the effort for the integration of the software product and the costs involved, the software solution you are looking for will quickly appear oversized.

The polumana® sales app is a mobile solution that optimizes the entire sales process for the field service and displays it in a single app. It functions as a window into the company and provides your employees at the customer’s site with the necessary data. During customer meetings, offers, order entries or delivery dates are called up and, if necessary, updated and fed back to the office. Your employees do not need to worry about a network connection. Thanks to its offline capability, it unfolds its entire range of services even without a mobile network or WLAN.

You don’t need the full range of services? For example, would the route planner with the customer data be sufficient for you to optimize the travel times of your employees to the customers? With the polumana® Sales App, this is no challenge either. You decide yourself which data should be integrated into the app solution for your purposes. The advantages of using our polumana® Sales App are immediately apparent to your employees. You will experience

  • how efficiently the sales processes are carried out
  • thereby increasing customer satisfaction and
  • an exorbitant saving of time can be achieved.

With the increasing success of your employees and with the further development of your range of services, you can integrate additional processes at a later date and make them available to your field service. The modular structure of the polumana® sales app allows you to decide which modules can be used to expand your individual business model at what time. No changes to your IT landscape are required for this. The sales app retrieves the required data directly from your systems. It doesn’t matter whether it is ERP, CRM, product information systems or content management systems for your campaigns.

Are you curious to find out more about the entire range of services of our polumana® sales app? Would you like to learn more about individual modular functions? Then the best thing is to make an appointment with our experts right away.