Disposition management for field service technicians

News Haustechnik Oberland
source: Haustechnik Oberland GmbH

Our specialist for digitalization in the trade, the KWP Informationssysteme GmbH, accompanies the company Haustechnik Oberland GmbH in the implementation of intelligent digital planning boards. In addition to various projects, such as “mobile assembler” or “EDV-Lager”, Haustechnik Oberland GmbH has integrated a disposition system together with KWP and us and with very little effort. With the new system all employees enjoy a clearly more efficient assignment of field service technicians to maintenance orders, because less time is spent on the way and more time is spent at the customer. 

The use of our polumana® dispatch solution has significantly simplified order-related route planning for Haustechnik Oberland GmbH. Instead of 8 hours of processing time, it now takes only 45 minutes to schedule maintenance appointments. 

Find out more here what Mr. Alexander Nissen, authorized signatory of Haustechnik Oberland GmbH, thinks about polumana® dispatch and its advantages.