blue-zone AG introduces its teams – today our head of partner sales

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source: Jörn Hilbert

“Distribution is like panning for gold! Only if you are willing to make mass, you have the chance to reach class. To increase these chances even more, it is important to always be able to rely on a functioning team and strong partners. Together with our network, we generate masses of cool leads, great opportunities and many exciting projects!” Quote from Jörn Hilbert. 

This quote is the mindset of our head of partner sales. He is passionate about being in constant dialogue with our partners in order to be able to offer our customers mobile, offline-capable sales force solutions (sales or service app) that fit their needs perfectly. Before our leads become new projects, the classic work of acquisition is necessary, which is part of the daily routine of our sales professionals. Whether at trade fairs, lectures, partner events or in one-on-one meetings – the motto is to inspire the customer, to emotionally involve him and to challenge him. In addition to a sure instinct for getting the right strings to swing through a question and answer game, he manages to create a basis for a lasting business relationship with his dialogue partner. 

Once a relationship is established, it is much easier to present the right products. The culmination of the conversation is reached when our customers develop their own scenarios for the use of our products. Would you like to get in touch with our sales department? Please contact Jörn Hilbert directly at