A sales app is not necessary with a web shop. True or false?

source: blue-zone AG

Sales professionals are happy about every visit to the customer. Their basis for a successful sales talk in B2B sales is data that they can access at any time on the tablet. The sales representative presents the product catalog from his web store and enters the orders directly via touch. But this process can quickly reach its limits if there is no network available. This is often the case, for example, if modern office buildings of the customer are equipped with heat insulation glazing or solar systems on the roofs. If the mobile devices are offline, the web store can no longer be operated.


In this case, an offline-capable sales app that maps all sales processes and remains fully functional even if it has to be operated without an Internet connection helps. This app is considered a success factor in every sales talk, as it is always ready for operation and is automatically synchronized in the background.