The polumana® app now also available for insurance companies

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source: Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

In every industry and in every company there are processes in which media breaks must be overcome. Even insurance companies recognize moments with interruptions in workflows – especially when they want to place orders with external service providers.

The polumana® Service App helps insurance companies to take communication with external employees and service providers to a new, more reliable level. Thanks to the offline capability, the functionality of the service app is guaranteed. Expert opinions can be created and transferred with the help of checklists and supplemented by photos and videos. From any location, at any time, with any mobile device.

And if your company works with contractors to repair damage, the appropriate service providers can be assigned at the touch of a button. For this, we offer the polumana® dispatch app, which helps the dispatch team to place orders quickly and efficiently.

Find out here how this works exactly. Visit us under Insurance or contact our experts.