The dispatch app now even better

blue-zone AG polumana dispatch
source: blue-zone AG - Screenshot dispatch-app

According to the Duden dictionary, disposition means having the totality of all persons and means at one’s disposal that can be used for a certain task. A dispatcher is a commercial employee with special powers of attorney who manages a larger division of the company.

Companies with larger technical service teams need automated support to assign their employees according to qualification focus, location, service orders, duration, duty hours or preferred time windows at the customer’s site.

We support companies to accomplish this task at the push of a button. Our promise to you is to optimize the planning for clients and employees in terms of time, costs and personnel.

We have developed the polumana® dispatch app for this purpose. With this app, your dispatcher can assign technical service employees to open service orders at the push of a button. The app takes different criteria from the customer and the service team into account. The polumana® dispatch app has been further optimized with these innovations. For the fine adjustment of the assigned service orders, the schedule can be adjusted individually and manually.

The improvements of the polumana® dispatch app make the dispatching activity easier even in special cases. For example:

  • better scalability and performance, i.e. larger data volumes can be processed and handled simultaneously
  • new compressed week view
  • Weekly view, with simultaneous detailed view of daily orders
  • Quick functions, e.g. move appointment to another day (Drag & Drop)
  • more intuitive navigation, e.g. scrolling instead of scrolling appointments
  • Detailed view of special requirements for maintenance orders
  • The assignment of two service technicians to an order can be displayed more clearly – criteria according to staff qualification or time requirements can be taken into account
  • Pauses between jobs are scheduled and mapped – manual shifting of the breaks where it makes sense is possible by simple drag & drop.
  • Scheduled travel times are compared with the real-time navigation and adjusted if necessary

If you would like to get to know our polumana® dispatch app, make an appointment with our experts today.