blue-zone offers every new customer a free operation of the sales app

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Companies help each other in times of crisis – The current crisis of the health care system forces many companies to send their employees home. Collaboration platforms continue to enable the virtual networking of employees and customers. But when it comes to supplying customers with goods, no platform can replace the ordering process.

We make our contribution to help other companies to continue to do business – even if customer contact has to be limited.  We offer every company the operation of our sales app free of charge. This offer is valid until schools, daycare centers and after-school care centers are open again as usual.

Until then, some parents are forced to do their work from their home office. More users in the home office, ordering the required goods via B2B webshops, additional use of the collaboration platforms and in between fun for the kids with streaming offers. This can quickly bring network capacity to its knees.

Companies that are now experiencing increased demand for their goods want to remove as many obstacles as possible from their customers’ path to placing new orders. When web stores reach their limits, the polumana® sales app from blue-zone AG helps. It is always ready for use, because it also works offline. Every order can be completed at the exact moment when there is time.

If there is a temporary network overload, the sales app ensures that the order is transferred at a later time. Your company’s retail and wholesale sales team does not need to be sent home, but can advise its customers (e.g. food and beverage industry, pharmacy wholesalers, medical devices, drugstore trade, etc.) remotely. However, the customer is provided with the order app with his personal contact details and can place his orders independently. This eliminates a source of contamination, but ensures the necessary support for B2B customers.

The customer only sees his data, both completed orders and offers and discounts that have not yet been used. With direct access to the product catalog and related information, the customer knows exactly what he is doing and can place his own order quickly and with just a few steps.

Delivery to customers who need to supply their consumers is accelerated, as direct access to the product catalog and order data leads faster to the target.

blue-zone AG would like to offer other companies the chance to keep their sales activities running even in exceptional situations. Therefore, the app is provided free of charge.

If you would like to find out how easy it is to offer the polumana® sales app to your customers, please contact us today. We will gladly advise you.