Does limiting business social leads to a sales stop?

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source: blue-zone AG

Sales success depends on the quality of the relationship with the customer. In some industries, direct contact with customers is crucial for a lasting, successful customer relationship. But what do you do when direct contact is not possible in exceptional situations? How often have appointments with customers had to be postponed due to weather events, traffic situations and staff shortages?

Today’s digitalization helps to cushion exceptional situations and thus significantly mitigate the financial damage for both customers in B2B or B2B2C.

The polumana® sales app is the gateway to the company. Sales employees who are often on the road can use the sales app to prepare well for all call situations, as all sales-relevant data is always available through the sales app and can be updated at any time. The data is updated in the background with every synchronization, so that companies and sales colleagues are always up to date with the latest information. Whether it’s new orders or the presentation of the latest products accompanied by the appropriate promotional materials, the polumana® sales app supports the sales professional in all phases of the business relationship.

But what to do when travel is limited? Does the customer have to wait for his consultation and the sales representative for his order? Here, as well, the sales app offers a solution. While the sales professional is well informed about his customers because the app provides all customer information on touch, the end customer can also use the app for himself. As the only registered customer, he has the same access to his own order and delivery data as his responsible sales representative. The end customer gets an insight into the latest product offerings or can inquire in detail about the advantages of the new product generation via the data sheets. If everything is convincing, then a simple touch is also the way to a new order.

Successful companies cultivate their customer relationships in a variety of ways. Customer visits sometimes have to wait. And those who can’t wait for them call their contact person via collaboration platforms. These will not replace customer visits, but only complement them. The sales app helps maintain the continuous sales and procurement process.

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