blue-zone AG moves – address remains

Neue Büroräume Schreibtische Ruheecke
source: blue-zone AG

What are the effects of moving to new office space for blue-zone AG? Modern Workspace is a topic that occupies many companies. It’s not just about making the workplace as efficient as possible in order to get the best performance from employees. Today, many companies compete for the best talents on the job market. Benefits such as a company car, higher salary, childcare and similiar points certainly play a role in the decision-making process to work for a company. However, these quickly become a habit and still do not ensure the employee’s ultimate commitment to the company in the long run.

What matters more are work-life balance and a work environment that makes serving the company in exchange for salary no longer feel like work, but becomes the employee’s own philosophy for the good of the customer. In this work environment, work tools are not a privilege for certain hierarchies, but a means to achieve the best results for one’s performance.

blue-zone AG lives this philosophy and has been acting according to this motto for years. Home office share, flexible working hours, part-time, 32-hour instead of 40-hour week on a voluntary basis and much more have long been a matter of course at blue-zone AG. What is new, however, is that the office is not only a workplace, but also mutates into a living room. Ergonomic workstations and the so-called flexible office, each employee chooses his or her workstation according to the day’s requirements, the same equipment for all, large meeting rooms with the necessary equipment for conference and video calls, telephone cells as meeting rooms for individual employees in order to keep noise levels low, a kitchen with a seating area for spontaneous get-togethers. A comfortable quiet room to recharge – free from distractions. And for employees who enjoy action, a foosball game. All of this helps employees to quickly reduce stress and, in the best case, prevent it from arising. This starts with the suitable rooms and ends with the lived philosophy in the company and with the board of directors, who exemplify the role model function.

We are convinced that a pleasant workplace design and appreciation for all employees produces satisfied employees. They are ambitiously committed to the company and deliver top performance out of conviction for the benefit of our existing and potential customers. blue-zone AG achieves this by focusing on customers and employees.

If you are curious, you are welcome to visit us. Just register via our contact page on our homepage or use our social media channels. Follow us, pictures of our phone cells as meeting rooms and more news will follow soon.