The path to digitization for the fashion and lifestyle industry using MYKITA as an example

MYKITA, the fashionable manufactory from Berlin, proves its excellence not only in the production of eyewear, but also within the sales processes. Thanks to the new sales app “polumana®”, it is more present in the market, closer to the customer and faster in its sales processes. With just a few clicks, the mobile application gives it the opportunity to present the collection in its entire range and diversity.

By using the polumana® sales app, MYKITA can now present the current collection to its customers, and immediately take the order. Sample cases that could only capture part of the collection are now a matter of the past. That’ s because the complete product catalog, with all product variations and including promotional materials, are always there and up to date with the app. 

Since the sales representative is well aware of his customers, the order conditions are already noted in the order and in real time with the office staff. The offline capability is an important component for the field sales force. If it is not possible to receive the data, the order can still be completed without delay. The office staff only receives the order a little later – as soon as the next synchronization has taken place. Customers thank MYKITA with strong loyalty to the company and with larger orders, as they have better planning security. 

MYKITA has successfully arrived at digitalization. The company is taking advantage of its extensive data to increase customer satisfaction. Not only among end customers, but also among consulting opticians. With the expansion of digitized processes, it is easy for MYKITA to gradually integrate them into the polumana® mobile application.

In this customer reference, you will experience how MYKITA has extended its digitization strategy to support the field sales force, how this supports more efficient use of internal resources, and how it supports the development of its own branding. 

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source: MYKITA

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