New product: Eucon’s Claims Assistant Expert offers a smart solution for fast on-site settlement of building damage claims

Münster, 2 April 2019 – Digitalisation service provider Eucon has launched a smart solution for the
on-site recording and processing of building damage.
The service tool was developed in cooperation with blue-zone AG, a leading provider
for the control of field service employees through digital sales systems. The new
“Claims Assistant Expert” makes it possible to record building damage simply and easily                                                                                                                 
via a mobile input mask and to settle claims quickly and efficiently on site. The entire
process – from order distribution, data and document management to the calculation of the damage –
                                                                                              can be completed with just a few clicks. Thanks to transparent and digital processes, the settlement                                                                                    process is shortened from several days to a few hours. 

With the new Claims Assistant Expert, Eucon offers insurers a complete solution that significantly shortens and                                                                               simplifies the claims handling process and makes all claims-relevant data available in one system. The insurer’s                                                                              adjusters and experts can use an intelligent scheduling and route planning, they can be deployed on site in a                                                                                        more targeted manner and work more effectively.
All orders, including contact data and detailed information on the damage, such as
the damage history, the damaged object itself, cost estimates already received, photos or
even information from the insurance company’s claim handler are available digitally. This means that
damage to buildings can be processed completely on site and easily documented.

Insurers are increasingly judged by how efficiently and simply they provide help in the event of a claim,” says Jörg Niestroj,                                                                    CTO of Eucon Digital GmbH. “With blue-zone as our partner, we offer
digitised process that considerably simplifies claims handling and saves valuable time.
Smart, integrated processes, which are
already tried and tested in the processing of motor vehicle claims, will also revolutionise the claims processing.                                                                                       With Claims Assistant Expert, we are setting a new standard here.” The
Eucon, a medium-sized digitalisation service provider, specialises in the complete
the entire claims process for motor vehicle and property damage and to improve the customer experience with digital solutions.

Seamless data and process integration into insurers’ workflows

With the “Claims Assistant Expert”, Eucon closes the gap between insurers, their experts at the point of
at the claims location and the customers. Order management, claims recording, calculation of the damage
and documentation are seamlessly integrated into the insurers’ settlement processes. In addition
the service tool standardises the flow of information between the parties involved in the claim. Waiting times
are shortened and the customer experience is significantly improved. “The goal is to use automated processes
to achieve real-time claims processing, even for building damage,” says Niestroj.
“This can only succeed through the networking of all those involved in claims processing via
intelligent systems.”

Smart settlement solution for simple and efficient recording and settlement of building damage on site, Photo © Eucon
Bild von Jörg Niestroj, CTO von Eucon
Jörg Niestroj, CTO of Eucon Digital GmbH, Photo © Eucon

About Eucon
Eucon is a pioneer in data and process intelligence and works successfully for automotive, insurance and real estate industries. For insurers, Eucon analyses, digitises and automates the entire claims process and offers intelligent solutions for data and document processing. Customers can thus make better use of their data assets – from more effective claims management and full cost control to the development of new innovative service offerings for the entire industry. Around 400 employees work at the worldwide locations for 250 customers in 40 countries. More information:
Jörg Niestroj is CTO of Eucon Digital GmbH and responsible for research and development of intelligent automation solutions. At Eucon, he manages a team of around 30 data scientists, UI and business process developers.

About blue-zone
blue-zone AG is specialised in the development of digital sales and service systems for cloud & mobile computing. The focus is on their sales and service app polumana®, a cloud-based, offline-capable mobile solution for automating and accelerating sales and service processes. Data is synchronised bidirectionally with the app via standard interfaces to common CRM, ERP and PIM systems, but also via simple Excel and XML files. This app makes customer-related processes more transparent and shortens internal processes – for significant time and cost savings and significantly higher customer satisfaction. For more information, visit

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