Review Telekom Innoday 2018

If you wanted to learn about tomorrow’s trends, this event for telecom partners, start-ups, telco operators, telecom speakers and top level management was the right place to be. Important topics were discussed, including the impact of artificial intelligence on our business and private life, how IoT can be used for smart cities, benefits of digitalisation and what will be changed for us with introduction of 5G mobile communications standards. One highlight was Sophia the robot, which not only bears a close resemblance to a human being and can not only answer questions spontaneously and meaningfully, but can also imitate facial expressions and voice modulation very close to that of a human being. The only thing Sophia still lacks is elegance and the body proportions are not right.

An exciting day also for blue-zone AG, which was inspired by innovation and vision on site. Watch the video to see how Sophia’s facial expressions look almost real.

Bild von einem vermenschlichten Roboter

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