blue-app turns into polumana – launch of a new product generation

The blue zone designates places where 100-year-olds are more common than average. Currently there are 5 places on earth that have gained fame for this reason (Okinawa, Sardinia, Costa Rica, California, Greece). The blue-zone AG identifies itself with the blue zones, because as a software provider for mobilization of sales and service processes we ensure sustainability and at the same time act on the pulse of time. With our app solution, we support companies to adapt to new challenges in the markets. For this purpose, we optimize our mobile solution for sales and service to the new market changes.

Today we are presenting our successful, cloud-based and at the same time offline-capable app for sales and service in an updated product generation. To do justice to the new product family, we have also given the app a new name: polumana classic. This name from Hawaiian best describes what we can do: polu (sky blue) and mana (area of responsibility). How can our app solution lead your company to 100 years? By blue-zone AG taking your existing, digitized data into mobility – for an optimized overall view of your customers’ needs – anytime, anywhere. polumana classic will also be available as a demo version in the App Store in a few days.

polumana Screenshot

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