Optimization of the ordering process using the sales app

A German premium manufacturer of fashion accessories has shown in a graphical representation what a striking difference it makes for the company to work with blue-zone AG’s sales app. The graphic shows the volatility of the time span between ordering and order entry, depending on seasonal peculiarities (e.g. seasonal product novelties or vacation periods). From the moment the sales app went live (according to the chart from January 2016), not only the time span between ordering and order entry has reduced to zero.

The working conditions of the sales representatives have also improved significantly. With the new sales app from blue-zone AG, the sales representatives have each model with them only once in the customer meeting, and all variations of it can be viewed and ordered virtually in the app on their tablets.

The order is placed during the conversation at the touch of a finger, and the customer receives his order confirmation immediately in his mailbox. The internal order processing department can process the order immediately because stock levels and delivery times are already known.

Even without network coverage, the sales app unfolds the entire performance spectrum. Data replication takes place in the background whenever possible.

Optimierung durch Vertriebs App
Image: Courtesy of blue-zone AG customer

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