“10 advantages of a sales app” in the online portal Vertriebszeitung.de

„10 Vorteile einer Vertriebs-App“ im Online Portal Vertriebszeitung.de

The article http://vertriebszeitung.de/10-vorteile-einer-vertriebs-app/ reflects the everyday life of a sales professional when talking to customers and how a professional sales app can lead to success. The successful professional uses the new technologies not only to have all relevant information for the conversation at the push of a button or at the touch of a finger, but also to use them in the customer conversation and thus to emotionally underline the buying experience for the customer.

The sales app from blue-zone AG combines the 10 advantages mentioned in the article in a single app. In addition, it is available as a ready-made solution and as a demo app. For customer-specific requirements of sales apps, blue-zone AG offers the possibility – based on the modular structure of the sales app – to adapt it to customer needs.

Get to know our sales app and download the demo version today at. https://www.blue-zone.de/videos-und-downloads#download-demo-app

picture: ra2 studio – Fotolia.com

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