Android: Half of all devices did not receive a single security update in 2016

On current occasion, blue-zone AG refers to an article of the online magazine Netzpolitik about the security updates for Android devices (

In the B2B environment, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) motto is being practiced more and more, with employees bringing their own devices, such as tablets or smartphones, for business use. Android products are experiencing great popularity in the consumer market. For business use, however, they could pose a security risk, as they may open up unwanted access to corporate data for third parties.

blue-zone AG, which has specialized for years in the development of mobile sales and field service apps to optimize customer-facing sales and service processes, has relied on iOS and Windows operating systems from the very beginning. As a result, convenience through the use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets & notebooks) does not mutate into a risk for the company. However, blue-zone AG increasingly recognizes a trend for the use of Android devices in the business environment as well.

Because blue-zone AG’s sales and service apps are ready-to-use solutions that can be easily adapted to individual business needs, blue-zone AG also supports the Android platform.

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