According to BITMi survey, demand for mobile solutions continues unabated

In its latest summary of published market analyses, Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand ( addressed, among other things, the need for mobile solutions for SMEs. At regular intervals, this association carries out a summary of relevant market analyses in the SME IT environment. One of the analyses mentioned (source: IDG – Digital Customer Experience 2017, Computerwoche 12.04.2017 – see screenshot) provides an overview of realized and planned use of digital technologies. It clearly shows that CRM integration is strongly pronounced and the integration of mobile applications is in the planning stage. Since its foundation, blue-zone AG has offered mobile sales apps and mobile field service apps to optimize customer-facing processes in companies. The use of mobile sales apps and mobile field service apps creates added value for existing systems (e.g. CRM, PIM, ERP, CMS) by unfolding the full range of services on mobile smart devices as well. In addition, sales and service apps ensure the optimization of sales or service processes. This benefits the companies, the sales or service teams, and – as a consequence – their customers, who experience individualized and improved customer care as a result.

Image: Screenshot from report BITMi Marktzahlen IT-Markt April 2017 - 08

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