The Service-App for the technical field service

The Service-App is an app-solution for automating and accelerating sales and service processes. With the Service-App field force teams will always be able to have all relevant customer information available, product and promotion information up to date so that they can give commitments accordingly – on all established devices, online and offline. With the Service-App your sales and service team has the ability to present product information to customer on an entertaining way, they can close orders while at customer site or agree on specific delivery terms. What’s more, they are also able to retrieve customer’s order history, as well as plan tours and routes on mid- and long-term basis. All these functions and even more are available on one single app gathering input from your CRM-, ERP- and on PIM (Product Information Management Systems). The Service-App makes sales and service cycles more transparent and shortens internal workflows. This leads to a significant time and cost reduction for your company as well as to elevated customer satisfaction.

Service-App modules

Please find below a detailed description of the single modules used within the Service-App. The description of the modules reflects the evolution of customer relationship (marketing, sales and service where applicable). Some modules are useful even in an advanced customer relationship, such as campaign, that shows new campaigns to existing customers.

Modules for service

Profitable maintenance service with Field Service Management (FSM) and field sales force integration using high-efficiency work processes.
…for dispatchers - Precise resource planning for maintenance orders with high-efficiency coordination of repair and service teams.