Mobile app for your sales team, designed to convince purchasing agents with multimedia presentations, immediately confirmed pricing and fast delivery service.

Now you can show collections on tablets in color in the form of images and video - plus have all prices, delivery terms and product availability data at a glance. Then, you can record purchase orders with no time delay, release shopping carts via signature, if need be and send them off for immediate delivery. The fashion app for smartphones and tablets (Windows, iOS) makes your outside sales team stand out in any sales meeting with textile purchasing agents and shop owners. As an industry-specific expansion of the sales app, fashion supports your outside sales team in all aspects of customer management.

Grand appearance for brand manufacturers and fashion labels

fashion supports sales success with attractive multimedia presentations of fashion, sports and lifestyle products. In addition, it provides background information about available or upcoming products so that your customers can receive qualified information about inventory and delivery dates.

Initiating sales: Your sales team can benefit from fashion's up-to-date product information, making products come alive with text, images, animations and video 24/7, 365 days a year. Inspire purchasing agents with brand, image and product presentations that are available both online and offline.

Sales negotiations: To ensure that purchasing agents and sales employees can quickly commit to a business transaction, pricing, customer-specific discounts and payment terms can be pulled up even without an Internet connection. At the same time, inventory items and future availability for floating goods and/or rolling goods can be checked immediately on site. This makes it possible to make promises relating delivery periods or wish dates directly during the negotiation. The Quick Amount Selector simplifies the ability to select product quantities. Additionally, different shopping carts can be set up and categorized for customers with details about their specific product ranges, purchase orders, credit notes or agreements relating to terms.

Expanding business: Cross and upsell pop-ups enhance the dialog with the customer with ideas for suitable additional products. At the same time, the integrated order history information supports your outside sales team in its efforts to customize the product range based on the customer's individual preferences. This is an added benefit for the customer by offering even more appealing products, while the sales department benefits from an increase in its overall revenue and commissions.

Closing a deal: As soon as an agreement has been made, the purchasing agent can immediately approve the shopping cart with a signature. The sales agent can review the order based on a checklist to ensure that it complies with business requirements. The bluefashion app shows all of the specifications for the company, such as minimum orders, in a practical overview. With this, the sales agent can validate concluded contracts immediately on site. Thanks to fashion's process-optimized back-office connection, product shipping can be triggered immediately in order to speed up delivery service.

Optimizing business: fashion eases the preparation of call reports with a photo documentation, allowing management to analyze the team's sales success in detail and improve results long-term. In addition, fashion offers functions for precise sales and Go2Market navigation. This includes, among other things, the ability to differentiate product groups arbitrarily, issue releases for sales staff, etc. With this app, companies can select individual sales teams by industry focus, region or customer type and inform them in advance, so that they can target sub-markets when placing new collections.