The official announcement came on June 3, 2015! blue-zone AG had earned Microsoft's 2015 Partner of the Year award for Germany. Since the company's founding, blue-zone AG has worked diligently to expand and improve its cooperation with Microsoft. For Board Members Mr. Mayr and Mr. Dietrich, it was clear from the start that new paths could be blazed only in collaboration with an innovation driver like Microsoft. In this spirit, blue-zone AG and its app solutions offered new opportunities for data usage and analysis and helped ring in the age of mobile devices ready for the needs of business. The use of Sales App on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to call up CRM and ERP data via Microsoft's Azure Cloud helps make field sales forces more efficient in their daily work. It also opens up new opportunities to strengthen customer relationships, accelerate working processes through seamless media presentations, not to mention make projects more transparent and economical. The end result is higher customer satisfaction, boosted revenues and significant cost savings.