New blue-zone AG office in Rosenheim
28. September 2015 - 10:03

blue-zone AG makes his promise and had opened an office in Rosenheim. The steady growth of the company demands also more workplaces. As a modern company blue-zone AG provides micro-offices for all employees with an option on home-office use. That is, not the staff heads for the company, but the company gladly opens offices where the employees are. We look forward to seeing you in the appealing, bright and modern rooms.

Am Oberfeld 1 D-83026 Rosenheim

22. July 2015 - 16:10

5 days World Partner Conference in Orlando are behind us! In addition to numerous lectures in particular Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, and Phil Sorgen, Corporate Vice President Worldwide Partner Group Microsoft, presented their vision for the work processes of tomorrow. Beside to the "Internet of Things" especially the principle of "Mobile First, cloud first" plays an essential role. To implement this vision, Microsoft relies on the support of partners who not only force cloud profitability, but should also focus on new tools. Projects such as Surface-use, GigJam, Cortana Analytics Suite, Renewal of Partner Network platform, new Office 365 E5 offers, Data Security in the Microsoft Cloud and many more were presented.

Microsoft achieves more than 90% sales volume by the partners. Therefore, Microsoft took advantage of this event also to honor the most successful partners from each country. Among them was the blue-zone AG, which was awarded "Partner of the Year Germany".

Finally Microsoft has reaffirmed its commitment to its partners and continues to focus on its successful cooperation - last but not least because the pace of new developments increases dramatically and market conditions change rapidly.

blue-zone CEO Richard Mayr at the award ceremony

blue-zone AG CEO Richard Mayr (center) at the award ceremony during the Microsoft World Partner Conference in Orlando.
Photo: Microsoft


blue-zone CEO Richard Mayr at the award ceremony

Even Phil Sorgen, Vice President Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft (left), took the opportunity to congratulate Richard Mayr for blue-zone AG.
Photo: Microsoft


29. June 2015 - 10:32

The official announcement came on June 3, 2015! blue-zone AG had earned Microsoft's 2015 Partner of the Year award for Germany. Since the company's founding, blue-zone AG has worked diligently to expand and improve its cooperation with Microsoft. For Board Members Mr. Mayr and Mr. Dietrich, it was clear from the start that new paths could be blazed only in collaboration with an innovation driver like Microsoft. In this spirit, blue-zone AG and its app solutions offered new opportunities for data usage and analysis and helped ring in the age of mobile devices ready for the needs of business. The use of Sales App on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to call up CRM and ERP data via Microsoft's Azure Cloud helps make field sales forces more efficient in their daily work. It also opens up new opportunities to strengthen customer relationships, accelerate working processes through seamless media presentations, not to mention make projects more transparent and economical. The end result is higher customer satisfaction, boosted revenues and significant cost savings.

26. May 2015 - 10:37

blue-zone is celebrating its first project with ImPuls AG as a provider of fashion solutions at the texprocess fair in Frankfurt. The successful collaboration between the two companies manifested itself not just in customer concepts, but in a shared trade fair stand as well. While ImPuls AG presented its various ERP and CRM solutions aimed specifically at textile producers and fashion companies, blue-zone AG supplemented the offerings with app-based solutions for fashion, sport and lifestyle article makers. These solutions help make companies more agile in the presentation of their product catalogs, more precise in the processing of orders and more professional in their customer relationship management. fashion, an add-on to Sales App, expands the standard app to include a tantalizing multimedia presentation of product catalogs. Beyond this, field sales force workers can use the app to negotiate special delivery and discount conditions during meetings and check the availability of articles in real time. The tour planning function also allows for medium and long-term scheduling to be organized based on pre-selected criteria (such as appointments with new customers, prospective customers, customers whose order patterns have shifted, etc.). It was interesting to note that many visitors to the stand were already asking about the offline readiness of the app. On the whole, the visitors seemed impressed with the opportunities that these solutions open up for their company to work faster and better in the face of future challenges.

30. March 2015 - 10:42

blue-zone AG enjoyed a successful trade fair as well. This CeBIT fair draws both consumers and industry visitors looking for CRM and ERP solutions. As an app developer, blue-zone AG enjoyed lively traffic from existing BI customers needing intelligent app solutions for supplying their field sales staff with fresh data. Also of note was the strong interest from ERP development houses, including from outside Germany, who wanted to learn more about our app and the potential for collaboration.